Vodafone Bundles Lookout with Google Workspace to Protect Small Businesses

August 3, 2022
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Even before working from anywhere became the norm, organizations of every size were already becoming more reliant on mobile devices and productivity apps. But this reliance has also opened users, devices and data up to more risk.

This is why we are thrilled to see our friends at Vodafone offering a new bundle for small businesses that brings together Lookout for Small Business mobile security and Google Workspace, a suite of collaboration and productivity apps by Google

While large enterprises can allocate resources to address mobile threats, small businesses have limited IT resources to manage security and collaboration tools. With Google Workspace deployed alongside Lookout, small businesses can ensure that their employees can securely stay productive on their mobile devices.

Being able to work from anywhere on any device is incredibly valuable for small businesses, but it shouldn’t come at the expense of security as employees access sensitive data from anywhere. This bundle will help ensure that small businesses and their employees are protected from malware, phishing attacks, network attacks and device compromise.

Mobile endpoints are a primary target

Mobile endpoints are a primary target for hackers as they are often left unsecured. These devices have immediate access to countless cloud-based apps like the ones in Google Workspace, making them treasure troves of personal and work data. However, to offer  convenience and flexibility, small businesses in particular often allow employees to use personal devices for work. While this can make employees more productive, it also exposes the business to additional risk. 

One of the most common ways an attack starts is with socially-engineered messages sent over text, email or social media with the intent of convincing them to click on a link. Lookout data shows that over 30% of small business users have encountered at least one phishing attack each of the first two quarters of 2022. 

This link could automatically download a malicious file attachment or app to the target’s device, which would then give the attacker access to data on the device. Alternatively, the link could send them to a fake login page for something like Google where the attacker tricks the target into handing over their login credentials. 

Another tactic attackers use is creating fake WiFi networks. They do this by setting up network names that pretend to be legitimate, such as “CoffeeShop_Wifi_Guest.” If someone does connect to the malicious network, the attacker can stream and steal most data that’s transmitted to and from the device. 

With so many risks to mobile users, small businesses need to protect their employees and any customer data. However, they lack the IT resources required to manage a complex security solution. 

Bundling security and productivity is critical for all organizations

Despite the expanded risk surface that comes with mobile reliance, small businesses need their employees to be able to collaborate and be productive from anywhere. But this shouldn’t come at the risk of data exposure or compromise, which could lead to a detrimental attack or breach against the business.

The problem is that small businesses lack the IT resources required to manage a complex security solution that large enterprises use to protect against mobile threats. This is why Lookout built its small business solution to provide a simplified management experience without compromising on security.

Our solution balances data protection for cloud services with ensuring the safety and privacy of employees and customers. This is especially critical on mobile devices, which are incredibly personal devices.

With this Vodafone bundle, small businesses can focus on their core objectives without needing to worry about securing their mobile devices and the security of data they store and access in Google Workspace.

Continuing to build for the needs of the customer

Protection against modern threats is a constantly moving target. As malicious actors evolve their tactics in response to the ways we do business and store sensitive data, the solutions that protect against threats need to be forward thinking as well. 

Bringing together solutions from Lookout and Google – leading providers of mobile security and collaboration platforms respectively – is invaluable for small businesses in this work-from-anywhere environment. And this could not be supported by a better provider than Vodafone, the leading provider of mobile service for small businesses, ensuring that businesses keep up with the speed of the cloud without putting data or privacy at risk.

To learn more about this bundle visit the Google Workspace-Lookout SMB bundle page.

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